Manage real estate properly
Kaizen is a cloud platform for commercial real estate management that migrates all the facility management operations to a simple application.
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For whom?
For Owner
Get rid of complicated operations that burn up labor costs. Make facility management 100% transparent and predictable.
For Supervisor
Dispose of paperwork and routine scheduling. Create reports with a few clicks. Delegate and track tasks with a mobile app.
For Employee
Forget about unclear tasks and paper reports. Follow a clearly defined checklist. Once you are done - report in a touch.
Direct communication
Kaizen works in browser and is available on iOS and Android.
The end performer receives the task once the request is created and can contact the requestor directly if needed.
No staff training required
Kaizen is made by users - for users. We use it by ourselves daily and care about providing a user experience that is easy to use, no matter whether you are a director, a manager, or a cleaner.
Track all the activities
Kaizen provides a tracking tool to get every repair, maintenance, and management process transparent.
Regular reports are now available with a single click.
How does it work?
We help you carry out a full property and equipment inventory and upload it to Kaizen.
Managing companies plan maintenance and cleaning shedules in Kaizen Web Application.
Issues resolution
End users use Kaizen on IOS or Android.
  • Everyone is able to report the problem.
  • Performer receives the task in the app.
Performer reports on the work done, initiator rates the result. As simple as if it was a taxi ride.
Kaizen is already launched at
1+ million

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